I love to go to the roots. I like to be playful. So, here I have taken up the topic Networking as making the internet work for you.

The pandemic times of 2020 will go down in history for the wrath of Covid 19 on human lives. Rarely used words became a part of everybody’s vocabulary, for example, lockdown, sanitizer, masks…. Other than these physical changes, the virtual lifestyle brought in many virtues! It ushered in being ‘contactless’ in our dealings and made online transactions the most accepted way of playing safe. With all this tumbled in one blessing for those who had skills but could not get marks or percentages to reflect them in their report cards. It ushered in a time, where one could showcase to the world their skill, or teach, preach or coach. Another new word that has come to common parlance is Influencer.

You Tube is one such platform, that does not care about restrictions and rejections of others on the self. If you are confident of yourself and your skills, and you feel you could invite traffic (Here again it is human traffic, nothing to do with the traffic jam traffic! It is yet another new term that has come in vogue. It also is different from the sinister use of the human traffic as we had heard of before this year that has summersaulted our lives) no matter how little they may appear; you could make a video and upload it. There is absolutely nothing to lose, though you stand to gain a lot. The fact is what you are naturally good at, you feel, it is so easy-peasy, that is not worth sharing. Now, such a feeling is self- sabotage, prey do not fall victim to this common malady.

Sharing of such videos on Linkedin could get you noticed by employers or recruitment agencies looking for employees. If you have the skills, the employers are looking for, they will contact you. In fact, posting videos is not the only way. You could just post your resume there, or a poster or a clip of what service you can offer. That could open doors for you for employment. The point to be remembered is that one needs to be consistent or regular in doing so, or your post would be missed. There are so many of us already exploiting this venue, so be at it and do not give up.

The opportunities for all these benefits are available as if on a platter to all of us. What comes between our being the way we are and the way we desire to live our lives is our self-doubt.

‘Am I good enough?’ ‘Who will be interested in this?’ All these and many other questions will deter you. Believe me when I say, life has become much easier, in the sense that you can reach out to the multitude of resourceful people, without spending your time, energy and money in going and meeting the concerned person in person! The chances are such meetings might not even happen as you could be turned down by the peon at his door.

All our desires and hobbies that got crushed in pursuit of careers, can be let out. You can fan your unfulfilled aspirations by making videos and posting on You Tube. Go on, go ahead and take the first step. The rest is easy. By the way, I am not promoting any channel or site or page. I am coaxing you to live your life, the way you aspired to, desired to, but got stopped.

So, exploit Networking to raise your marketability. As it is said, ‘jo dikhta hain woh bikta hain.’This is an easy way, a doable way to live a fulfilled life.





I am a life coach who shares personal experiences as an academician, wife and mother. My book ABC of being loved is testimony of my style.

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Kulwant Rehal

Kulwant Rehal

I am a life coach who shares personal experiences as an academician, wife and mother. My book ABC of being loved is testimony of my style.

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